If you need an SUV for commuting daily, consider the Jeep Grand Cherokee. Stop by Kuntz Motor Company in Mahaffey, PA, and check out all of the safety features that the Jeep Grand Cherokee has to offer. This SUV has safety features such as parallel and perpendicular parking assist or adaptive cruise control with stop-and-go for peace of mind when driving in the city.

The park assist with the Jeep Grand Cherokee will help you parallel park but also helps with perpendicular parking. Whatever you use this feature to parkour to get out of a tight parking spot, it is always good when driving on narrow city streets.

The adaptive cruise control is also an excellent feature for driving in a highly-populated area. If you like to use cruise control, the Jeep Grand Cherokee is a great SUV to use it with because you don't have to manually adjust it as traffic slows and speeds up.

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